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Its cousin the ABU 4000 had red sideplates and was identical in every respect, except its market was USA.

I have a prototype 1750 with internal electronics for casting control. This ABU 3000, sold in Europe, was designed with special "plastic" sideplates to make it more resistant to salt water.

The reel shown in the picture is clearly an ABU stamped reel.

If it were to fit with the original color test reels it should have been stamped Record.

I don’t know if I’m mistaken, but I understand that your friend Lonnie Mills suggests this reel to be one of the early test reels for determining the color of the Ambassadeur reel.

These are my comments: There is something wrong here.

It is so inexpensive for the joy it will bring you.

To my mind, based upon fishing experience, any of the classic Ambassadeur family of reels is all one needs to be a totally satisfied fisherman.page (sadly some are now defunct) about Len Borgstom, Simon Shimomura and Daniel Skupien and more are absolutely essential to the study and appreciation of these fine reels. More specific 1969 advertizing illustrates the ground-breaking features of smooth chrome anti-corrosive manufacturing, fine tolerances between surfaces, centrifugal braking systems, multi-disk star drag, precision matched gears lapped to perfect smoothness, evolution from bushes to ball bearings etc Export model Ambassadeur 5000 sold in USA USA Garcia catalog depictions of the expanding Ambassadeur range.These books are very definitely the Universe when it comes to matters ABU. By 1975, we see a much greater emphasis on the wider range of Ambassadeur models taking the reel to more demanding use for bigger salt water fish.Not so if the Abulon Extra Top Hook Fishing line was used and most especially today with such an array of ultra fine and strong braids and gel spun lines available to choose from. I consider the book to be a work of art and even people who have had 50 years or more experience with ABU, can learn a lot from the authors research.I recommend that all with even a passing interest in ABU Ambassadeurs to seek out, purchase, read, treasure and never loan this book.A perfect reel that maintained and used correctly teach us a lot about ourselves, as I remarked to Len Borgstom.