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A classic brass menuki is nestled between ito and ray skin same, offset by traditional bamboo mekugi. The handle cord wrapping was good, the Menuki looked a little cheap and the bamboo pins were not finished or sanded down in anyway and look sloppy detracting from what should be a nice Show piece.Experience the Turbulent Blue, then pass it on The Turbulent Blue has proven itself time and again, and it holds its own against any of today's most expensive katana, outperforming many. The wrapping and all of the furnishings remain tight after several weeks of moderate use. There are other swords in this price range that are better and there are swords for less that are better. The blade is what makes this sword attractive to me.

A T10 blade may have a “nasty bite,” but a clay tempered T10 blade like the Turbulent Blue’s is nothing short of devastating.This impeccable balance also improves control and responsiveness, allowing for greater agility and flexibility in combat.The delicately textured genuine ray skin same and soft braided ito that cloak the tsuka afford a comfortable, no-slip grip, further enhancing the Turbulent Blue’s superb feel.Flawlessly cast from iron like katana of ages past, the tsuba is embellished with fine reliefs depicting a menacing dragon-like sea monster swimming in a tempestuous ocean marked by roiling waves.A classic brass menuki is nestled between ito and ray skin same, offset by traditional bamboo mekugi. [/url] can chemical or mold exposure cause premature adrenarche?

[url= chemical or mold exposure cause premature adrenarche?No matter how you use it, with proper care you can enjoy it for a lifetime, then pass it down to your children, grandchildren or great-grandchildren!The Turbulent Blue is heirloom-quality and built to be treasured by generations of your descendants - your legacy preserved in hand forged steel.But when you see the Turbulent Blue in action, you’ll undoubtedly agree it’s well worth the time and effort.Sublime feel, practically Zen-like wielding experience The Turbulent Blue's weight is shrewdly distributed to maximize swinging momentum and power, blow after devastating blow.Made of blood, sweat, tears, and premium T10 steel Sokojikara developed the Turbulent Blue with the serious swordsman in mind.

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