Signs you are dating your best friend

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Signs you are dating your best friend

I am a huge believer in people being the most important part of our lives…

My favorite thing to do with my husband might sound boring to most, but we love it.Check out these signs that you're dating your best friend.Every relationship, romantic or otherwise, is built on a foundation of trust.Once our son has gone to bed, we just hang out on the couch, watch TV, joke around, and it's great.If you can do, essentially, nothing with the person you're dating and still have a good time, you've hit the BFF jackpot. I have been reeeal lucky in this life to be blessed with the greatest friends on the face of the earth. To me, it’s never been about the quantity of friends but rather about the quality…

Check out my Disease of Being Busy post to read more about my thoughts on that.So how did they still act like best friends after decades of marriage? and somehow along the way I have been amazingly lucky to be surrounded with a high quantity of incredibly quality human beings. You get what you give, and I try to give a whole lot of love and energy to my people because… And as far as people go, my sweet Katie not only tops the charts but skyrockets them.Brenner told You might think this goes without saying, but it's important that you like who you're dating.Lust can fizzle and love is nice, but at the end of the day, if you can't have fun and kickback with your SO, you're not BFFs.I am so lucky we met as five year old blondies in the sandbox, because she set the bar real high as far as friendships go.

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