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Victoria legrand alex scally dating - six degrees of separation dating

Nothing had ever been written about the band, or if it had been, it’s long since gone from the internet.These songs had a history hidden inside of them, a history aching to be voiced and preserved. Daggerhearts, after all, may have played an integral part…a small part perhaps…but integral nonetheless, in the creation of Beach House.

Studios are the coolest places in the world, but nobody even goes to them anymore because no-one wants to spend the money.” Having ensconced themselves in rural Louisiana, Legrand and Scally set to work recording a record which sees them return to a sort of simplicity and fragility that they haven’t displayed on record since before the success of 2010’s ‘Teen Dream’ and 2012’s ‘Bloom’ propelled them onto ever bigger and grander venues and festival stages.

When you listen to the music of Daggerhearts, you hear a band that is uniquely its own…but you also hear a little bit of Beach House hidden inside of it in the sense that musicians bare their souls in the songs they write, and the parts of Victoria that she shared through the songs of Daggerhearts become unavoidably recognizable in the songs of Beach House. I reached out to Lauren Turek and asked if she would be willing to answer a few questions about the band.

She heartily replied, “I’d be more than happy to talk with you….”, and I have to tell you…I did see that coming. Daggerhearts could finally have a chance to rise from the forgotten and become whole again. I want to thank Lauren for allowing me to delve into her world of memories.

There is a During my freshman year at Vassar, I would routinely drive back to Connecticut (where I grew up) to have band practice with [one of my other bands].

One day when I was getting back to Vassar, Victoria saw me walking up the stairs of our dorm lugging my bass case.

Once Dirck graduated, he moved back to Baltimore and they must have then started looking for a bassist together so they could continue the band.

I still had another year of college and then planned to go to graduate school, and couldn’t see myself dropping out of school for a band.

I actually didn’t realize they had continued the band with another bassist until a few months into my senior year.

We had a bit of a row about it at the time, as my feelings were hurt that they had replaced me without really telling me, but obviously it made total sense for them to find a new bassist and continue on with the band where they lived.

She is a remarkable human being, full of compassion, love, dedication, warmth, generosity and acceptance.

She does not falter in holding a protection to the people in the circle of her life.

While Beach house will always remain my one and only true love, they have taught me to look deeply into the whole of a band…not just the music it produces…and I’m entirely grateful to them for that.

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