Wu zun and ella dating

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Wu zun and ella dating

I love the way she bullys him around haha or call him baby lol.

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Very cute couple in Hana Kimi..if the chemistry is super sparking, but they're enjoyable to see onscreen and off.

Since the filming idol drama of “Hana Kimi” Ella was rumoured with rumoured boyfriend Wu Zun; since he was present, reporters chased after him asking if he minded?

Don’t bite the hand that might be feeding you your soulmate.

I think it’s just amusing to fanservice our favorite star together when it’s clear they have such sizzling chemistry.

In the end, it’s their lives, and I’m just a happy viewer of their acting projects, wishing every one of them happiness with whomever they end up with.

I still remember in the filming of the Zen Me Ban MV, the director told Wu Zun he had to kiss Ella, he made this gagging sound, and when he was told to hold Ella's hand, he was like "I don't want to hold her hand, I want to eat!

Nah, despite all the rumours and such, I really think they are more of a brother and sister relationships!

Hey kirill, what variety shows ahve you seen of the two together?

Their chemistry in Hana Kimi is quite good, very cute and playful, and really sweet, and in variety shows they're always poking fun and bickering with each other.

Especially when they're appear in promotion of the drama, Angela Chang always grabbed Wu Zun's arm and draw diamond icon.

In other people's eyes they seem like a little couple.

Wu Zun is promoting in Mainland, China and Malaysia; Angela Chang is promoting her new album.

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